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Records List for Map BT-1+NutsForJonesy!-fix

RankPlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
1The_MOVE33.03212-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
2The_MOVE33.03212-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
3The_MOVE33.33212-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
4The_MOVE34.50312-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
5Jonesy..'Q~39.03712-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
6Jonesy..'Q~43.71312-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
7The_MOVE48.60012-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
8Jonesy..'Q~52.40912-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
9Jonesy..'Q~59.91712-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
10Jonesy..'Q~1:00.34212-26-2020        31 Day(s) Ago
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