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Map NamePlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
BT-1-(CAM)-LavaArena-fixATB10.49401-17-2022        121 Day(s) Ago
BT-1-(Men)Speed-v2ATB36.09801-17-2022        121 Day(s) Ago
BT-1-SpeedyATB3.28801-15-2022        123 Day(s) Ago
BT-3-(B)MesablancaATB1:24.40001-16-2022        121 Day(s) Ago
BT-3-(L)Forseek-vFATB1:23.37401-15-2022        123 Day(s) Ago
BT-4-(K)Efreet-v2ATB1:07.18801-21-2022        117 Day(s) Ago
BT-6-BioshockCBATB1:54.75301-23-2022        115 Day(s) Ago
BT-6-Extremely~Hard~ATB20.35811-23-2021        176 Day(s) Ago
BT-6-ReactionATB51.96001-16-2022        122 Day(s) Ago
BT-9-VaultCBATB5:11.73302-02-2022        104 Day(s) Ago
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