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Map NamePlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
BT-2-Lacei][-fixsoBAhh1:36.84511-29-2020        48 Day(s) Ago
BT-2-LavanoobssoBAhh29.37212-03-2020        44 Day(s) Ago
BT-3-(B)BlitzCastlesoBAhh2:15.75212-02-2020        44 Day(s) Ago
BT-3-(Rp)-CTTT][-vpracticesoBAhh12.85212-02-2020        45 Day(s) Ago
BT-3+(fly)TitaniumBase-v1soBAhh2:15.11811-24-2020        53 Day(s) Ago
BT-4-(CN)MountainBase][-vF2soBAhh5:42.44011-30-2020        47 Day(s) Ago
BT-5-RobinHoodsoBAhh2:23.18212-01-2020        46 Day(s) Ago
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