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Map NamePlayer NameCap TimeCap Date
BT-1-(goku)-3sec-dblsuckertje13.46308-01-2020        82 Day(s) Ago
BT-2-(Dub)CurseofHoogvlietsuckertje11:40.84909-03-2020        49 Day(s) Ago
BT-2-(MW)-Stage1-fixsuckertje11:17.48210-04-2020        17 Day(s) Ago
BT-2-Ancient-Otherworld-V2suckertje15:27.13707-02-2020        111 Day(s) Ago
BT-3-Allied_fixsuckertje11:08.59007-31-2020        82 Day(s) Ago
BT-3-Burnsie_Relm_dblsuckertje11:58.40508-01-2020        82 Day(s) Ago
BT-3-SpaceRacesuckertje12:39.81807-21-2020        92 Day(s) Ago
BT-4-ForAnte_vFsuckertje11:38.34610-10-2020        11 Day(s) Ago
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